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About us

La Canonica is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for you, your friends and loved ones. Whether you need a short stopover on your travels, or an entire holiday retreat in peace and nature, we work to ensure a smooth and enjoyable process from booking, to check-in, to your stay, and to check-out.

Four people have worked together to revitalise La Canonica di Camedo to meet the needs of guests, and listen to feedback for continuous improvement of the holiday experience.

Meet the TEAM

The Team

Simone Guest relationship manager and hostess

A very experienced multilingual hostess, Simone lives here in Camedo and manages three Airbnbs: La Canonica di Camedo, Threeline BnB and Helles Atelier. Simone is also passionate about yoga, and offers yoga lessons that bring even more peace and relaxation to Centovalli.

AnnaAdministrative support and operational management

Anna takes care of the the wide variety of administrative and operational tasks needed for the maintenance and running of the property. She liaises with Cantonal and Communal authorities regarding tourism and real estate.

ChrisInterior and garden design

Chris leads the interior and exterior design, following his philosophy of synergizing heritage, nature, and modernity.

SalvoFinancial and Legal support

Salvo oversees the financial and legal affairs of La Canonica. He ensures we contract and partner with reputable and trusted service providers.

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