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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request an early check-in or late check-out?

Always ask us or Simone when this is possible. Sometimes we have someone coming straight after your stay, on the same day. Sometimes we have a bit more flexibility. Do not hesitate to ask!

What is your policy regarding cancellations?

Our policy is different depending on the rate paid and on the channel or website you used to make your booking of if you booked directly with us. Before you book the cancellation policy for that rate will be displayed but if you don't remember please ask us about your specific booking.

Will I be charged for extra guests or pets?

The price of the stay and the tourist taxes are different depending on the number and age of guests. In line with Ticino cantonal regulations the number of guests staying must match the reservation. Please inform us if you need to change the number of guests.

We only accept 1 pet per stay. You must tell us in advance that you are planning on bringing a pet. More than one pet is not permitted.
There is a fix fee for the whole stay and this will be stated in your reservation.

Is there a minimum age requirement to reserve and check-in?

Only adults over 18 year old can book, check-in and stay unaccompanied.

Minors must stay with a parent, tutor or guardian. Identity proof of all minor and adults will be required at check-in.

Any irregular or suspicious situation is immediately reported to the police if you fail to provide appropriate or satisfactory documentation.

How do I book with a student discount?

We do not normally offer student discounts.

Can I book via the website without giving my credit card number?

Yes, you can.

You can always contact us by e-mail and we will invoice you.

We accept the following methods of payment in Swiss Francs (CHF): Cash, Twint, Bank Transfer, Paypal

We do not accept cryptocurrencies at this point of time.

Your invoice needs to be settled in advance in order to secure and confirm your booking.

I cannot find Camedo on Google Maps

Google maps is incorrect. Please use any other map services: Maps (Apple),
Please note that Camedo is not Borgnone, as it wrongly appears on Google Maps.
If you have to use Google Maps please input the following coordinates 46.15598,8.6081664 San Lorenzo 57, 6659 Camedo/@46.15598,8.6081664

Why do you ask for my nationality and ID?

A variety of Federal and Cantonal Regulations oblige us to check the identities and legal age of our guests. We must comply with these National and Cantonal (State) regulations.

What about the weather?

The weather in Camedo and Centovally varies a lot according to the seasons.

There is always to do in and around Centovalli with all types of weather. Remember that it can get quite warm in summer although it is always cooler in Camedo than in the lower areas.

Why don't you have a TV?

We do not have a TV because we don't want you to miss the nature, the time sharing together with others. There are also quite a few board games and books in the house and activities to do in Centovalli other than TV.

If you must watch TV please bring your own device (smartphone and /or tablet).

P.S: We do have an original mid-20th century black and white analogue TV but analogue transmissions ended in Switzerland in 2008. We are looking to install a transformer so that in the future you are able to see some modern TV in the way of last century's (black and white in a cathodic tube device) as an "experience" to give the new generations a glimpse into the past.

Do you have a telephone line?

We have recently connected back the old landline from Swisscom. At the moment there are no telephones in the house so you must bring a mobile phone or other device to make and receive calls though the internet or mobile network providers.

We are planing to connect the old rotatory discs telephones through a pulse-tone converter so that we can offer again the experience of "dialing" to make a phone call to the old and new generations!

Are the wild animals dangerous?

As in most of the Swiss Alps animals are not necessarily dangerous.

However, wild animals must always be treated with respect and considerately.

You are likely to see wild animals but these are unlikely to approach you and most likely run away from you! Keeps your eyes open and you might see some quite interesting creatures.

There have been no viewings of bears nor wolves in Centovalli so these are not a concern.

Can I pay in cash?

Yes, in the whole of Switzerland you can pay in cash with no limit.

In cash we accept Swiss Francs (CHF) or Euros at parity (1 Euro = 1 Swiss Franc).

Can I pay in gold?

No, you cannot pay us in gold but you can sell it at the bank counter, exchanging it into Swiss Francs!

Is my data safe with you?

Yes, your data is safe with us. We require only the data we need and we comply with all the Swiss and GDPR data protection regulations.
More over our website servers and infrastructure are physically located in Switzerland and your data encrypted. Visit our privacy policy at the bottom of our website.

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